My Etsy Shop


I don’t know if it’s from brainstorming with my good friend from Albsmeyer Road on Etsy or if it’s the Unsweetened Green Tea from Trader Joe’s, but I’m accomplishing a lot of practical tasks that can become quite tedious with more ease than normal.

One such task is working on my etsy shop:

I’ve just added cards and postcards:

Hello There Postcard Set

Joy Postcard Set

Designing cards began as a way to stay in touch and offer support to very dear people in my life. My initial cards were mostly sketches and fun, but they developed into pieces that I am very proud of and spend a lot of time preparing. Each original takes at least one hour long episode of “This American Life” or “Fresh Air” to complete. 🙂

Etsy Cards and Owls 070

I love designing my cards and knowing that they are going to really special people makes the creative process that much more meaningful to me.

Okay – all of this writing about design makes me want to actually create…

Visit again, won’t you?

Free Range Al




About Alexis

I’m an artisan, momma of one, wife, yogi, and thinker currently living in Missouri, although I’ve also called Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Oregon home. Throughout these moves, I’ve come to find great comfort in the ability to create. I’ve also experienced how sharing my creations, and the creative process, builds and enhances relationships. I hope this blog inspires you, and I hope to use it as a way to develop my craft. Some posts will be mental musings, others will show you what I’ve been up to. Who knows what else?

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