July 17 Additions


The Free Range Artisan has fallen in love with making bracelets! My bracelets are some of my most popular items at the market on Saturdays, and I decided to add a few to my Etsy shop:


Mr. Rabbit Braclet

Mr. Rabbit Bracelet

Etsy Bracelets and magnets for twitter 015

Three Little Fishies Bracelet

Etsy Bracelets and magnets for twitter 022

Take Flight Bracelet

Rosie Bracelet

Rosie Bracelet

and last but not least, another owl buddy:



Meanwhile, after a morning of photography and posting, it’s time for a walk before picking my chickadee up from camp.

Happy Shopping!

Free Range Al



About Alexis

I’m an artisan, momma of one, wife, yogi, and thinker currently living in Missouri, although I’ve also called Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Oregon home. Throughout these moves, I’ve come to find great comfort in the ability to create. I’ve also experienced how sharing my creations, and the creative process, builds and enhances relationships. I hope this blog inspires you, and I hope to use it as a way to develop my craft. Some posts will be mental musings, others will show you what I’ve been up to. Who knows what else?

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