New Day, New Postings


I’m not going to lie. Yesterday was a very difficult day. For the sake of maintaining some sense of privacy, I will not go into the details, but it was one of those days in which one stressful experience was immediately followed by another. There were some beautiful moments sprinkled throughout – my son and I took a few breaks from it all to dance and sing, my husband and I were able to listen to and encourage one another, and the place where I vote ended up being within walking distance (I do not like driving to new places).  I also received the support and care of a wonderful friend who made me feel less alone even though she lives in another state.

Today, I’m happy to say, is a totally new and different day.

I’ve been busy posting new pieces in my Etsy shop:

etsy sketch charms and katy trail postcards 002

Tulip in Bloom Pendant

etsy sketch charms and katy trail postcards 023

Pink Kite in Flight Pendant

etsy sketch charms and katy trail postcards 010

Happy Billy Buttons Pendant

I drew the images within the glass pendants using colored pencils. Each pendant is unique in that in contains a hand drawn piece that has not been digitally altered or copied. They are popular pieces at Saturday’s Market, and I love the way they add color to my table.

I also posted a postcard set with photographs from a ride on the Katy Trail:

etsy sketch charms and katy trail postcards 031

These pieces – and more – are in my Etsy shop:

As a thank you for reading my blog, I’m offering a 20% discount code to my readers only. Just type BLOG20 for the coupon code. This offer expires on Saturday, August 9.

Here’s to New Days!

– Free Range Al


About Alexis

I’m an artisan, momma of one, wife, yogi, and thinker currently living in Missouri, although I’ve also called Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Oregon home. Throughout these moves, I’ve come to find great comfort in the ability to create. I’ve also experienced how sharing my creations, and the creative process, builds and enhances relationships. I hope this blog inspires you, and I hope to use it as a way to develop my craft. Some posts will be mental musings, others will show you what I’ve been up to. Who knows what else?

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  1. It is so beautiful when our family and friends come to us in our time of need. Way to choose to look at the bright side of things! I too, toast to New Days!!

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