I’m bursting with various projects and preparing for future art and craft sales, while continuing to participate in Lincoln University’s Market on Saturdays. It’s a really exciting time – the biggest challenge is finding a balance that allows time to create, time to mother, time to spend with my husband, and to… what was that other thing – oh yes, sleep. Must make time to sleep.

If you’re in Jefferson City,  Missouri, Providence Bank is hosting a fun event I’ll be a part of from 11AM-2PM on Friday, September 12. A big art and craft sale called Pairings for Pets is taking place in Fulton, Missouri on September 28 at Serenity Valley Winery from 1PM-3PM. It’s being put on by People Helping Paws, so you can support local artists, craftspeople, and a special organization all at once! If you’re in the area, I would love for you to stop by.

Snails are quickly becoming my favorite polymer clay friends to make:

behind the scenes 154I enjoy playing with color and design combinations. Several snails found homes at last week’s market, and I’m looking forward to making more for the markets and special events to come. If you can’t make it to my area, it’s quite easy to arrange for a custom order through my Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheFreeRangeArtisan

My next plan for the snails is to make small cards that can accompany them to their new homes.

I just finished more glass pendants that contain my sketches:

behind the scenes 146The next step will be determining which bails to use. I hope they (and many others) will be ready for next week and the sale in Fulton.

I started this card design this morning and can hardly wait to finish it:

behind the scenes 152Flowers, letter work, and paint will be added. I’m about to leave to help my chickadee’s kindergarten class make rainbow toast, so this piece will have to wait until tonight.

I suppose all of this – life itself – is the biggest project of all. The process of bringing beauty into the world through interactions as well as creations, the process of guiding my son and of being a life partner is ongoing as well. I’m a project – I have so much I want to develop both professionally and personally…

What are your projects?

Wishing You the Best on All Your Life Giving Pursuits,

Free Range Al

P.S. I just finished the card design and I couldn’t help but share it with you:

behind the scenes 157Whew!


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