Fun with Cards


I’ve been having so much fun designing cards today, I wanted to share some of my work with you:

Behind the Scenes 167

A Set, Perhaps?

A Set, Perhaps?

Love On!

Love On! Inspired by my son’s Rainbow Toast Day at school.

Did you make cards as a child? I always did – I don’t think I bought a card from a store until I was in college, and that would rarely take place. Those handmade cards had “ARTMART” drawn on the back. Now, my line is “Free Range Artisan”, but I’m grateful that I still experience great delight in making something for someone very special.

My favorite moments at markets take place when someone says, “Oh, this is perfect for _____.” I love knowing where my pieces are going and LOVE it when people return to tell me how gifts were received. It feels particularly special when someone chooses a card, because written correspondence means a great deal to me.

I have several boxes full of cards from special people in my life: cards of celebration, of support, of thanks… They record the important and special moments in my life while bringing back wonderful memories. Electronic communication has its place, but I hope cards and snail mail remain.

Mail On!

– Free Range Al

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