Rainbows as Metaphors


My studio continues to be full of rainbows! They are seeping into my Etsy shop too, starting with this new card:

Etsy Cards 039

As an English major, my mind often goes into the realm of symbolism and metaphors, and I like it when my artistic and literary interests combine. Rainbows are lovely in and of themselves, but they are rich symbols as well. They represent natural beauty. The fact that they appear after rain reflects the experience of the calm, peace, and goodness that can come after difficult times. When they appear during a shower, they remind us of how beauty and goodness can coexist with what seems challenging.

Etsy Cards 045What do rainbows mean to you?

– Free Range Al


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  1. I absolutely love the way you described them! I never thought of this before. I think rainbows remind me of no matter how bad the storm, there is One much bigger watching over me. 🙂

    • That is a comforting and lovely metaphor as well. Your thought reminded me of the beautiful ways in which people have been present with me during difficult times – perhaps God being present with us through the presence of others. I’m really grateful for your comment!

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