Do you know about Creative Live? It’s an amazing site that offers classes regarding design, marketing, communication, and much more. The classes are free if you watch them while they are being taped, but they are also available for purchase. I should probably add that Creative Live is not paying me to write any of this – although I am totally willing to enter into negotiations should someone contact me. 🙂

Richard Mehl taught a class titled “Color for Designers: Exploration, Theory, and Application” on Monday and Tuesday of this week, and I found it to be inspiring, interesting, and useful. My son participated with me after I picked him up from school, which was very fun and special… and messy.

Here are some cards I designed after watching the class:

Color Theory Cards 002Color Theory Cards 005

Color Theory Cards 006What does the color wheel bring out in you?

The rest of this week involves preparing for an art and craft sale on Sunday. Let me know if you’re in Jefferson City, and I’ll give you the details!

Colorfully Yours,

Free Range Al

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