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My Other Project: Tricksters


I’ve mentioned my love of writing before, and writing has been my major focus this week. I’m giving a talk in Illinois this coming Sunday, which is one of my favorite things to do.  My emphasis is the trickster character, a fascinating figure present in many traditions including Native American stories and Greek mythology. Since I share pictures of my physical creations, I thought I’d share a few excerpts of my talk.

First, my introduction:

As we approach holidays that blur divisions and boundaries, such as Halloween and the Day of the Dead, I thought it would be fun to play with an ancient figure known as trickster, a character who does not recognize divisions and is often found with one foot on either side of boundaries. Tricksters are delightful characters because they weave in and out of reality. A trickster is interesting because he exposes rules by defying them and turns what seems to be inevitable and necessary into the ridiculous. Tricksters are useful because they model a playful approach to the world that can enable healthy and positive change.

It’s important to know that trickster is not a good or bad character – think of a trickster as being like a curious and adventurous toddler.

Here’s my favorite part thus far when I explain why it’s important to challenge boundaries and labels:

Motherhood has heightened my sensitivity to the use of titles. The common phrase for what I do is “stay-at-home-mom”, but that does not accurately reflect who I am or what I do at all. Yes, I’m a mother. I’m also a yogi, an artist, a friend, a writer, an aspiring minister, a private English tutor, a reader, a want to be drummer, a wife, and, as many of you witnessed during my last talk, an occasional dancer. Those labels don’t really do me justice either, and I can say this with absolute certainty: you are more than your title. You are more than the title of teacher, doctor, retiree, psychologist, lawyer, artist, librarian… You are a uniquely complex creature with hopes, dreams, experiences, and personality traits that cannot be summarized in a word or two.

Recognizing that we are more than our labels is one thing; the idea that other individuals are just as complex as we are can be difficult to grasp at times – that is when the act of putting in a trickster’s eye becomes useful. It’s not an eye of judgement, it’s a way of looking at people and situations that allows them to be more than they appear to be at first glance.

I’m almost done with it – I’ve enjoyed working on it a great deal, and I’m looking forward to learning what it sparks in others.

Playfully Yours,

Free Range Al



Projects and My Other Hat


Saturday’s market was enjoyable. Thanks to those who stopped by my blue umbrella!

New pieces like these were displayed:

behind the scenes 055

I actually turned my flower sketches I shared with you awhile ago into pendant designs, like these:

behind the scenes 037

I had to keep one for myself, but I made many others and am looking forward to making more.

behind the scenes 045

I work with homeschool students when my husband has a day off from work or when my son is at school, and I’ve been wearing my English teacher hat for most of this evening as I prepare new courses (Animal Farm for one and a unit on J.D Salinger for another). I’ll put on my artist cap in a day or so… I want to post new pieces and more raindrop glass pieces are coming my way – I have big plans for them!

Creatively Yours,

Free Range Al