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Life Moves Forward



I illustrated a new card design last night, and it’s now available on my shop. The focus is a lovely quote by Charles Carroll:


I’m going to move forward in continuing to work with illustration and lettering and to explore new ways in which my work can become available. There are other hopes I have for the new year, but those are for an entirely different blog. 🙂

May your new year be full of beauty, opportunities to create, and many good things!

Creatively Yours,



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Fresh Off the Presses!


We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas, and I hope that your own celebrations were full of joy and peace!

It’s time to return to work, and I’m happy to say that I finally added to my Etsy shop inventory.

I have a new collection of wearable hand drawn original illustrations (here are just a few):




I also posted a new card design:


Last night, I finished another illustration. The phrase “Fear Not” is one that I’ve been thinking of for awhile, but it wasn’t until watching my son’s Christmas play that I realized the way in which I wanted to frame it:


You can see pictures of the creation process in my instagram account: http://instagram.com/thefreerangeartisan

I’d love for you to stop by my shop to check out my fun and colorful pieces – let me know if I can put together something special just for you and yours!




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Santa’s Workshop for Teachers


My son goes to an amazing school with wonderful teachers. We’ve been busy designing, creating, and choosing creations for these special people this week…

Bookstack Necklaces for the librarians:

IMG_20141215_093742A polymer clay football for his P.E. teacher and a loving polymer clay owl for the school’s counselor:


A happy blue songbird for his music teacher and an upcycled pendant for his art instructor:


There are many perks to being able to make a variety of pieces, but one of my favorites is the ability to tailor a creation so that it suites someone’s personality. There are a few more gifts, but they will not be given until tomorrow – they are still top secret. My son is going to make his gift to his kindergarten teacher on his own this evening, so that will be even more special.

Happy Holidays!


a.k.a. Free Range Al


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Good Things!

behind the scenes 253

A new card design in progress

So many projects! So many special moments! So little time!

I’m participating in a winter sale on November 2 and am preparing new cards (like the one above) for that event. My other creative outlet is the written word, and I’m giving a talk in Illinois on October 26. Preparing for these two events on top of my normal schedule is keeping me very busy.

Do you remember my glass pendants with original drawings?

behind the scenes 037

I made one that can accompany one of my cards this week as well:

card sets 002

Another priority is fostering the friendships I’m beginning to make. We’ve lived in our “new” city for a little over two years and meeting people has been a bit of a challenge. Some really interesting and caring people are part of my life now, and I’m very grateful for their presence. I could totally spend entire weeks to myself and be content, but I am making sure that I put effort into nurturing my new relationships just as I nurture my other interests.

Do you find that it takes thought and effort to be sure you spend quality time with people in your life and not become caught up in your lists of things to do? What works for you? What doesn’t?

Wishing You Balance and Fulfillment,

Free Range Al


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etsy rainbow charms snail with card rainbow and card 005Home.

After moving a great deal, and with the knowledge that more moves are possible, I think of family rather than one specific location when I think of home.

What does “home” mean to you?

May you find comfort and love wherever you are…

– Free Range Al


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Card Companions


Mom deserves most of the credit for this idea: making a set out of a card and a little reminder of what the card represents. For example, what says “anything is possible” better than pigs with wings?:

Dream On: Pigs with Wings

Dream On: Pigs with Wings

The pigs are available as magnets, stand along figures, and, for those who share my love of bold accessories, necklaces.

Flowers always make me feel better:

Feel Better Card with Original Sketch Glass Charm

Feel Better Card with Original Sketch Glass  Charm

Of course, I had to do something with rainbows!

May You Always See a Rainbow Card with Necklace or Magnet

May You Always See a Rainbow Card with a Necklace or Magnet

Groovy Love Card with a Heart or Rainbow Swirl Necklace

Groovy Love Card with a Heart or Rainbow Swirl Necklace

This is just a sampling of what I have in mind. I’ll be offering them at my local Farmer’s Market tomorrow, September 27 and at the Pairings for Pets event at Serenity Valley Winery in Fulton, Missouri on Sunday, September 28 from 1-3PM. Custom orders through my Etsy shop are welcome too.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite?

Oh, and thanks Mom.

Creatively Yours,

Free Range Al


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Fun with Cards


I’ve been having so much fun designing cards today, I wanted to share some of my work with you:

Behind the Scenes 167

A Set, Perhaps?

A Set, Perhaps?

Love On!

Love On! Inspired by my son’s Rainbow Toast Day at school.

Did you make cards as a child? I always did – I don’t think I bought a card from a store until I was in college, and that would rarely take place. Those handmade cards had “ARTMART” drawn on the back. Now, my line is “Free Range Artisan”, but I’m grateful that I still experience great delight in making something for someone very special.

My favorite moments at markets take place when someone says, “Oh, this is perfect for _____.” I love knowing where my pieces are going and LOVE it when people return to tell me how gifts were received. It feels particularly special when someone chooses a card, because written correspondence means a great deal to me.

I have several boxes full of cards from special people in my life: cards of celebration, of support, of thanks… They record the important and special moments in my life while bringing back wonderful memories. Electronic communication has its place, but I hope cards and snail mail remain.

Mail On!

– Free Range Al


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I’m bursting with various projects and preparing for future art and craft sales, while continuing to participate in Lincoln University’s Market on Saturdays. It’s a really exciting time – the biggest challenge is finding a balance that allows time to create, time to mother, time to spend with my husband, and to… what was that other thing – oh yes, sleep. Must make time to sleep.

If you’re in Jefferson City,  Missouri, Providence Bank is hosting a fun event I’ll be a part of from 11AM-2PM on Friday, September 12. A big art and craft sale called Pairings for Pets is taking place in Fulton, Missouri on September 28 at Serenity Valley Winery from 1PM-3PM. It’s being put on by People Helping Paws, so you can support local artists, craftspeople, and a special organization all at once! If you’re in the area, I would love for you to stop by.

Snails are quickly becoming my favorite polymer clay friends to make:

behind the scenes 154I enjoy playing with color and design combinations. Several snails found homes at last week’s market, and I’m looking forward to making more for the markets and special events to come. If you can’t make it to my area, it’s quite easy to arrange for a custom order through my Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheFreeRangeArtisan

My next plan for the snails is to make small cards that can accompany them to their new homes.

I just finished more glass pendants that contain my sketches:

behind the scenes 146The next step will be determining which bails to use. I hope they (and many others) will be ready for next week and the sale in Fulton.

I started this card design this morning and can hardly wait to finish it:

behind the scenes 152Flowers, letter work, and paint will be added. I’m about to leave to help my chickadee’s kindergarten class make rainbow toast, so this piece will have to wait until tonight.

I suppose all of this – life itself – is the biggest project of all. The process of bringing beauty into the world through interactions as well as creations, the process of guiding my son and of being a life partner is ongoing as well. I’m a project – I have so much I want to develop both professionally and personally…

What are your projects?

Wishing You the Best on All Your Life Giving Pursuits,

Free Range Al

P.S. I just finished the card design and I couldn’t help but share it with you:

behind the scenes 157Whew!



I decided to make a greeting card version of my Dream On postcard. It should be ready for posting tomorrow or Monday.

Behind the Scenes 087

The postcards are already in my Etsy shop:

I’m really pleased with how the card I designed a few days ago turned out:



All of my originals are done completely by hand using colored pencils and acrylic paint. I copy them onto blank cards using our Kodak ESP 7250. To keep the handmade feel, I initial the bottom of each card and write “The Free Range Artisan” on the back. I take pride in the fact that I keep my hands in the handmade idea of selling on Etsy and do not outsource my print work. Still, I have been listening to interviews with successful professional artists who use computer programs and have printing companies mass produce their work; I appreciate the way in which they keep their art unique and am in awe of their success. I certainly would not mind reaching the point in which I have actual clients and could afford a major printing run!

Another idea came to me today, but that will be something to show you at a later date…

I find myself dreaming a lot: dreaming of my next design, of how to make my Etsy shop a success, of what to write as an author, of… well, the list goes on and includes dreams for my family and hopes for my son.

What a gift it is to dream – to imagine what is beyond our current reality. My greatest challenge is finding peace when my dreams do not fit within what is possible; it can be a creative feat to find a way in which that need can still be met, but I think it’s an important challenge to take on.

May you dream big, and may those dreams become a reality more beautiful than you imagined…

– Free Range Al


New Day, New Postings


I’m not going to lie. Yesterday was a very difficult day. For the sake of maintaining some sense of privacy, I will not go into the details, but it was one of those days in which one stressful experience was immediately followed by another. There were some beautiful moments sprinkled throughout – my son and I took a few breaks from it all to dance and sing, my husband and I were able to listen to and encourage one another, and the place where I vote ended up being within walking distance (I do not like driving to new places).  I also received the support and care of a wonderful friend who made me feel less alone even though she lives in another state.

Today, I’m happy to say, is a totally new and different day.

I’ve been busy posting new pieces in my Etsy shop:

etsy sketch charms and katy trail postcards 002

Tulip in Bloom Pendant

etsy sketch charms and katy trail postcards 023

Pink Kite in Flight Pendant

etsy sketch charms and katy trail postcards 010

Happy Billy Buttons Pendant

I drew the images within the glass pendants using colored pencils. Each pendant is unique in that in contains a hand drawn piece that has not been digitally altered or copied. They are popular pieces at Saturday’s Market, and I love the way they add color to my table.

I also posted a postcard set with photographs from a ride on the Katy Trail:

etsy sketch charms and katy trail postcards 031

These pieces – and more – are in my Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheFreeRangeArtisan

As a thank you for reading my blog, I’m offering a 20% discount code to my readers only. Just type BLOG20 for the coupon code. This offer expires on Saturday, August 9.

Here’s to New Days!

– Free Range Al