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Winding Down, Starting New


I participate in our local Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, and I enjoy the opportunity to interact with customers. The heat is not something I care for, but there are truly worse things in life. It’s silly to commit to complaining about standing under a big umbrella surrounded by gorgeous fruits and vegetables and pleasant people while selling one’s creations, so I won’t go on about that.

I had some time to sketch during the market, so some new design ideas are brewing…

behind the scenes 025

I’d like to create some more greeting cards similar to my Joy postcards in the days to come:

Although a more reasonable expectation might be that I produce a finished piece in the weeks to come, because I’ll be out of town Tuesday through Friday. Still, there will be time for sketching, and I’ve come to embrace those moments!

Creatively Yours,

Free Range Al