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Life Moves Forward



I illustrated a new card design last night, and it’s now available on my shop. The focus is a lovely quote by Charles Carroll:


I’m going to move forward in continuing to work with illustration and lettering and to explore new ways in which my work can become available. There are other hopes I have for the new year, but those are for an entirely different blog. 🙂

May your new year be full of beauty, opportunities to create, and many good things!

Creatively Yours,



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Adding Color


Today, I decided to surround myself with color.

The past few days have contained special moments, but I was letting some rather dark concerns and thoughts into my mind. I think I needed to sort through them – I needed to honor the life of someone who brought me hope and laughter – but when I realized I was no longer honoring and was actually wallowing, I knew I needed to consciously find beauty and color.

I began working on a larger piece (I normally keep my work within the size of a greeting card or postcard) and am enjoying the practice of working on it for a bit, then returning to it after some time has passed. Usually, I try to finish something in one sitting. Here is a glimpse:

Behind the Scenes 082



I did start and finish a greeting card design tonight. The phrase came to me several weeks ago and I could not keep it in anymore! I’m letting the paint dry tonight before printing it on my cards.

Behind the Scenes 084

My earliest project was very bright:

Behind the Scenes 079I initially made these bracelets to sell at Saturday’s Market, but I might have to make some more because these are going to be hard to part with.

Behind the Scenes 078Today was my son’s first day of kindergarten. As I look through the pictures of him going to school, I can’t help but giggle at the obvious genetic disposition to choose the colorful over the subdued:

Walking to CarWishing you a colorful and lovely week!

– Free Range Al

Illustration Friday First Attempt: Beard


Being the Free Range Artisan means that following the prompt of another does not always come easily, but the flowers from our bike rides and attempting to draw a beard for the first time made the challenge from Illustration Friday one that I thought I should attempt. Fellow artists might want to check out the site: http://illustrationfriday.com/about/how-it-works/

This week’s topic, in case you haven’t already figured it out, is “beard”. Here’s my creation:

His Inner Garden Grew

His Inner Garden Grew

Now to figure out how to submit it electronically… hmmm…

Meanwhile, here’s to you who dare to do what does not come easily, who take on challenges that will help you grow, and who create for the sake of creating.

Free Range Al