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One More… and Then Some


Ready for my Quincy customers!

I really enjoyed my time in Quincy. Before we moved, I was responsible for monthly art and craft sales. These events were great fun because of the amazing people involved. Many of those people were part of the sale on the 6th, and it felt very good to be a part of that community again. Thank you to those who stopped by to see our creations and support local artisans! This Saturday will bring the last art and craft sale of the season for me, and I’m looking forward to it as well.

I’m also looking forward to taking time to focus on some new projects that are stirring within after Saturday’s event.

Being the Free Range person that I am, I’d like to spend more time working with felt… and soap. My soaps are made using plant based ingredients with added tea tree oil. The roving comes from very happy sheep who live in Moab, Utah.


Felted Soap: Almost ready for packaging!

I also want to spend time illustrating new prints…


There’s a new project I started yesterday. I’m rather excited about it, so here’s a sneak peak:


My son is busy with exciting projects of his own, and I want to be sure to make time to support his pursuits as well. I’m looking forward to drawing side by side in our upstairs studio over his winter break. For now, I’m embracing the time I have to myself. It’s amazing how quickly hours can fly by!

May your days be full of joy and color!

Creatively Yours,



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