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Fall Tree Practice

behind the scenes 259

A colorful tree on a colorful lap!

I’m on break from a Creative Live class on how to use Instagram and just finished playing with color and shapes inspired by a fall tree I saw in a parking lot a few weeks ago. The picture of the actual tree is on my Instagram account:


I would share it with you directly, but I’m not sure how to download pictures from my phone to my computer (you can see why I need the class – and probably need several more), but it is a lovely tree and worth seeing.

It’s almost time to pick my chickadee up from school – it might be fun for both of us to create more colorful trees and experiment with different ways to shape the leaves. Perhaps we’ll make a forest! Of course, I have a very active son, so we may need to play dodge ball first. 🙂

Feel free to share images of the colorful trees in your world (real and imagined)! I would love to see them.behind the scenes 256

Colorfully Yours,

Free Range Al


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